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Registries posted!

Finally added links to our two registries.  Zola for wedding and honeymoon donations, and Bed, Bath & Beyond for household items.  They’re still pretty bare-bones, and we’ll be adding more things to both as we think of them!

Hotel info added!

We’ve added info for two hotel courtesy blocks!  The Mission Inn is a good deal cheaper, closer and 15% of proceeds go RIGHT BACK TO THE DAMN PLACE WE’RE GETTING MARRIED AT!  The Dream Inn is a bit more expensive, but is right on the beach, for anyone wanting to take advantage of the view.

October is a super busy month for Santa Cruz, and rooms will fill up quickly!  Make sure you reserve ASAP to get a convenient hotel room at our discounted prices!


It may already be a bit too late to add this, but I’ve just added a subscription button to the website.  You can find it on the left-hand side of  the screen, by the giant SUBSCRIBE button!

Subscribing will send you an email when I post an update with new information.  Important information, like the addition of a hotel block, or that Jenny thought better of herself and called the whole thing off.

All the cool kids will subscribe to updates, so you know what is going on in our planning!