How We Met

You had to ask, didn’t you?

It all began with us both recently new to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jaeson had recently moved out west from Massachusetts so that he might never shovel his car out before work another day in his life.  Jenny moved down from Washington to study 3D Modeling and Animation at the Academy of Art University.

Early in 2008, we both independently stumbled onto the planning stages of people intent on donning masks and dancing around like idiots in public on a weekly basis.  Naturally, this sounded like the best way to spend our time in a brand new state.  No, really.

With Jenny having shed any semblance of dignity she might have had and Jaeson having none to begin with, we quickly became close friends.  A short while later, and with Jenny’s unmitigated harassment for his attention, Jaeson finally suggested she join him for a date to the Maker Faire; a sort of do-it-yourselfer convention with crafts and inventions people have made.

From there, Jaeson has worked to break Jenny’s will and hammer into her mind that she truly has no hope of ever doing better.  On October 4th, 2014, Jaeson’s great work will finally be complete.

Jae and me… We're in a club now!